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Free/Libre and Open Source Software

by Oleg Sadov last modified Oct 19, 2016 04:50 AM
Advanced Linux/Unix user and beginners admin. course.


Course description


1. Computer with >= 2GB RAM and >= 20 GB free space on HDD, CPU >= 1Ghz.

2. VirtualBox (

3. Images of Scientific Linux.
VirtualBox image:
LiveCD image:
ISO Install-images:

other mirrors:

Installation Guide:


  1. Introduction.
  2. Shell.
  3. System manuals. Informational commands. Users information commands. Multiuser environments.
  4. Processes. Jobs. Signals. Later execution and scheduled commands.
  5. Files and directories. Standard file system layout. Special files and drivers. Links. Permissions.
  6. Text editors. Utilities for manipulation with a text data.
  7. UNIX/Linux graphical environments.
  8. Network utilities.
  9. Shell programming.
  10. UNIX/Linux administration.

Shell script example