by Oleg Sadov last modified Nov 09, 2017 12:48 PM
Developing of computational requests solver.


You must develop utility which may solve computational equations by requests to Wolfram|Alpha API.


  1. possibility of computational equations solving (mandatory);
  2. TUI and GUI;
  3. networked client-service implementation;
  4. localization to your own language.


Program must run on Scientific Linux 7. Programming language -- shell. Installation (if need) -- only 'make' command.

All instructions about installation and running must be placed to main README file.

All projects must be published on GitHub as a personal repositories.

Projects checkout time -- 21.00 MSK 19 Nov. and after that your must be ready to answer to questions about your project by e-mail until 17.00 MSK 24 Nov.



Shell calculator's examples
Wolfram|Alpha Simple API Reference