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Conference in China (Beijing)

by Andrey Y Shevel last modified Jun 27, 2015 12:47 PM
The conference took place 25-29 June 2015. We presented the paper "Transfer of Large Volume Data over Internet with Parallel Data Links and SDN ". Authors: Khoruzhnikov S.E., Grudinin V.A., Sadov O.L., Shevel A.Y. , Kairkanov A.B.

Abstract. The transfer of large volume data over computer network is important and unavoidable operation in the past, now and in any feasible future. There are a number of methods/tools to transfer the data over computer global network (Internet). In this paper the transfer of data over Internet is discussed. Several free of charge utilities to transfer the data are analyzed here.  The most important architecture features are emphasized and suggested idea to add SDN Openflow protocol technique for fine tuning the data transfer over several parallel data links.


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